If you are visiting our website, it is probably because you were referred to our firm, are stuck in a swap and have need for swap / derivative expertise.

Welcome to Swapbusters!

Swapbusters – the term and label sounds kind of corny doesn’t it?

It isn’t corny or even fair when you are stuck or being held hostage in a financial agreement (i.e. swap or derivative contract) that you probably did not understand or comprehend.

Well that is what our team does – we have the ability and expertise to change or level the playing field so we can “bust swaps”!

As an advocate in the financial marketplace, busting i.e. unwinding, breaking non-performing or ill placed swaps is our team’s expertise and that is literally what we do.

Initially, when you entered into the swap you probably thought or understood that in a swap or derivative contract you were entering into a fixed rate product over a certain period of time. And while that is true, in most cases you were not told or informed that there was a downside to such a contract and agreement. You were also probably not told or informed that the downside could cost huge dollars if you chose to break such a contract, if you paid your debt off early (prior to swap contract term) or chose to refinance somewhere else. You were probably also not informed that swap /derivative contract would be filed as a seperate lien on your property and collateral package as well.

The financial institution that sold you the swap had their representation (swap advisor) / expertise and most likely you were not equipped or able to have the same. Your general counsel or bond attorney probably had little to no experience with swaps so you were left to trust the bank and “fend for yourself”.

Unfortunately swaps and derivatives are big business in the financial world and a major revenue stream for banks and financial institutions.

So if your situation is one of the following:

  • With interest rates at historic lows, you want to refinance your existing debt but now find out that you are being held hostage in a higher priced swap / derivative contract.
  • Want to break your swap contract but have a large breakage fee.
  • You are in a covenant default due to a swap.
  • Due to the adverse effects of the swap your debt has now been assigned to the Special Assets / Risk Management area of the Bank.
  • Your banking relationship has been damaged due to adverse effects of a swap.
  • You have paid off the debt but the swap contract is still in place (called a naked swap).
  • You felt that you were misled by your bank with regards to a swap / derivative.
  • Were not properly informed by your lender / bank on the terms and conditions related to the swap / derivative.
  • Feel like you are owed damages due the adverse conditions of a swap.
  • Want a refund on the higher interest you have paid due to a swap. 
  • Have interest in a fixed rate product without the downside of a swap / derivative.
  • Or any other reasons to break and unwind a swap / derivative contract.

Then we can help and be of assistance!

We invite you to explore the rest of our website and read about our team that has no equal in the marketplace.

If you want to level or change the playing field in an existing swap / derivative contract then contact us.