Mission Financial Group’s Team & Expertise

Our Team:

Mission Financial Group

Mission Financial is the Special Asset / Risk Management and Swap / Derivative Specialist Group for the MMC Family of Companies.

MMC is one of the Premier Mortgage Bankers in the country that specializes in capital market financing. With transactions ranging from a minimum of $5 million and no maximums, our success is based on the fact that we are pioneers in creative and out of the box financing structures including taxable and tax-exempt debt. MMC’s CEO has been a banker for over 44 years with the last 10 specializing in capital market financing and swaps / derivatives. His expertise in swaps / derivatives has focused with great success in reduction or elimination of breakage fees and the unwinding of the swap contract.

As an advocate, his passion is directed towards leveling the playing for MMC’s clients whether its wholesale and institutional pricing on financing, negotiating non-advantageous loan covenants, unwinding swaps / derivatives or providing alternative rate management structures (Caps) vs. swaps / derivatives.

MMC is a Registered Municipal Advisor with both the (SEC)Securities Exchange Commission and (MSRB) Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board

Derivative Advisor and Swap Specialist

Our Derivative Advisor and Swap Specialist is a pioneer in the marketplace and the architect who developed the Derivative (Swaps) program for a couple of the top rated banks. In fact he trained many of the people who manage most of the derivatives and swaps programs for banks that promote swaps. This part of our team gives us the ability to determine and inform us as to what the bank’s yield or profit is on the swap or derivative so we can negotiate to reduce the banks yield thus creating more savings for our client. Having this expertise on our team is one of the many ways that we are able to "level the playing field".

Legal Counsel

Our team is composed of two top law firms with different expertise’s that can be tailored depending on our client’s needs.

One is a retainer-based firm who has extensive expertise representing bank regulators against non-compliant banks. The other is a contingency-based firm and a nationwide leader with regards to clients who have been harmed or damaged by banks and financial institutions. There are situations when a client (due to swap) may want to recover over charged interest and damages.

Both of these firms are leaders in market with the expertise and “firepower” to help our clients recover these costs.

If you want to level or change the playing field in an existing swap / derivative contract then contact us.